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The 3 Reasons Businesses Need Marketing Solutions

It’s estimated that one in five businesses fail within their first year. And about one in twelve businesses close each year.

While the reasons a company may close its doors are many, it most often comes down to:

  1. Finances
  2. Poor management practices
  3. Business model
  4. Unsuccessful marketing

Does that last one surprise you?

Marketing your business sounds simple. But any experienced marketer will tell you that a lot of work goes into finding and connecting with prospects through marketing solutions.

So, where do you start with marketing? And how do you know if you’re even doing it right? Consider the following purposes behind your marketing efforts.

Customer reach


This is defined as the potential number of customers your business is able to reach via a marketing channel or marketing campaign. In order to grow your customer base with marketing solutions, you want to reach as many prospective customers as possible with each new marketing initiative.

One way to do this is through online advertising. With online ads, it’s easy to switch up your message or your target audience and reach more people.

Alternatively, you could utilize multi-channel or omni-channel marketing. This means you combine two or more initiatives. For instance, you send an email and a direct mail piece or you combine an email campaign with social media advertising.

Brand awareness

Brand awareness

How familiar are prospects with your brand? Brand awareness comes down to recognizing a particular brand by something as simple as a quality or an image.

For instance, an apple with a bite taken out of it is easily recognized as the brand, Apple.

Increasing your brand’s awareness via marketing solutions comes from achieving success through a multitude of consistent, ongoing marketing efforts.

Customer engagement

Customer engagement

This is a place in marketing that goes well beyond a purchase. Simply put, it’s the relationship between customers and companies.

Running a business doesn’t come down to merely making sales. Today, it’s also about treating customers as people with thoughts, feelings, needs, and desires.

When businesses fail at engagement it’s usually due to being unable to see past the sale. Every communication sent comes back around to spending money.

But to truly engage with customers—to reply swiftly and empathetically to them on social media, to send an email merely to check in, or to call a past customer and wish them a happy birthday—garners a different type of relationship.

Choosing a marketing solution

There are a variety of marketing tools available to you. Picking one to start and improving at it over time is the best way to begin.

Here are some of the more popular marketing solutions available in today’s marketing landscape:

Email Services

It’s estimated that marketing and advertising emails are responsible for influencing over 50% of customer buying decisions. An important part of any content marketing strategy, email can nurture leads, increase brand awareness, help retain customers, educate or inform, and even sell products or services.

Learn more about Email Marketing
Direct mail
Direct Mail

Open rates for a direct mail piece (postcard, catalog, letter) have been known to reach up to 90%. So, customizing an eye-catching piece that is unique to your business can undoubtedly benefit you, helping to generate new prospects or even advertise upcoming sales, specials, or new locations.

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Online Advertising

Over 500B is spent each year in the U.S. by businesses using online advertising. And there is a reason why this tool is so popular. Find potential customers on websites they already visit. Maybe they have heard of your brand before, maybe they haven’t. Online advertising is a tried-and-true tactic for expanding customer reach when you’re ready to grow your business.

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Social Media Advertising

It’s estimated that social media ads account for about one-third of all advertising spend. And why not? Global internet users spend nearly 2.5 hours per day on social media so it’s the perfect place to market your business. Easily connect with potential customers, share products and services, and much more.

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Data Hygiene & Enhancement Services

Consolidate your records, suppress unwanted files, append valuable information like email addresses and phone numbers, and increase your data’s efficiency. In doing so, you can save money, lower your postage costs, increase mailing and e-mail accuracy, and even increase revenue.

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Customer Analysis and Profiling

Find even more of your perfect customers when you use our innovative analytical solutions. Data Axle USA will provide you with insights into your ideal customer’s demographic and firmographic information, behavioral information, and much more based on your client or prospect data.

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Consumer Marketing Lists

Don’t have any consumer prospects yet or wish you could find more consumer prospects quickly? Create a list using our industry-leading database of 309 million consumers, choosing from over 175 attributes.

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Business Marketing Lists

Don’t have any business prospects yet or do you wish you could find more business prospects within a short time? Create a list using our industry-leading database of 17.3 million business contacts, choosing from targeted search selects like job title, square footage, carrier route, and ZIP Code.

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Create a marketing strategy using timely solutions

Are you feeling overwhelmed by marketing solutions? Wondering how you’ll ever choose the right one and get started?

Do some research and determine what types of marketing seems to be working for your competition.

Here are some ideas:

  • Sign up for their newsletter
  • Follow their social media channels—what are their customers and prospects buzzing about the most?
  • Read their blog. What topics are garnering the most conversations among their prospects?
  • Do an online search for products or services similar to what you sell. What brands pop up on the first page of results?

Still feeling overwhelmed?

Companies like Data Axle™ USA offer various marketing solutions that can benefit your business.

Serving as an extension to your team, the partners at Data Axle USA can confidently create and run a variety of marketing campaigns, ensuring you can put more time and energy into the parts of your business you enjoy.

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