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Make Finding New Customers Easy with Direct Mail Lists

In order to have a successful direct mail campaign it’s important to have direct mail lists that you can count on. Data Axle™ USA is committed to helping you find your perfect audience with our industry-leading data which has been used to help businesses exactly like yours reach marketing and revenue goals. Build highly targeted direct mail lists that include up-to-date customer contact information like name, address, and phone number.

With your target audience identified, quickly connect with your ideal customers using a direct mail campaign. At Data Axle USA, a trusted marketing partner along with our creative team can help you to curate your message, design unique templates or illustrations, print, and even deliver your customized mailer.

Mailing lists
Build a targeted list.

Create Successful Marketing Campaigns with Your Mailing List

You want to connect with potential customers. What’s more, you know that a mailing list is a great place to begin. Whether you already have one or you haven’t started building it yet, Data Axle USA can help you succeed with creation as well as connection.

Build a mailing list of prospects with us that you can connect with or let us help you build a successful marketing campaign. From contact mailing lists and phone lists to services like email marketing and social media advertising, we make connecting with your best prospects simple.

Direct Mail Marketing

Reach out to your mailing list when you send a direct mail piece such as a postcard, letter, or brochure. Share testimonials or remind people to connect with you when they need what you offer.

Email Marketing

Connect with your mailing list in a new way. Reach out with an email marketing campaign and increase the likelihood prospects receive your message.

Contact Lists

Add even more contacts to your mailing list, then reach out to them directly and start promoting your services or products. 

Phone Lists

Round out your current list of mailing list prospects with even more phone numbers, including cell phone number lists.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Utilize keywords that are relevant to what you want to offer to your mailing list. If you don’t know how, Data Axle USA can help you get started.

Social Media Advertising

This digital medium is another outstanding option for creating new connections with those prospects on your mailing list.

Explore the Value of Data Axle USA

Information certified
Data Quality

Data is constantly changing. So, it’s important to partner with a big data company that recognizes this trend. At Data Axle USA, we know the importance of quality data, which is why we invest millions of dollars a year and have over 300 full-time researchers working to keep our records up-to-date.

Satisfaction Guarantee
Satisfaction Guarantee

No list is perfect and at Data Axle USA we recognize this, but we also want to make it right. So, if you receive bad data from us, contact us and receive a refund for the portion of your list that was undeliverable, out-of-date or disconnected.

Data selects
Reliable Data Sources

We take great care in compiling our data from a variety of public sources so that you’re guaranteed the most up-to-date, accurate customer contact information possible at the time of your order.

Customer service
Helpful Customer Care

A company is only as good as its people and at Data Axle USA, you’ll be partnered with an experienced team member who is ready to show you the ropes, answer your questions, and help you build the perfect direct mail mailing list.

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Questions & Answers

Our most recent competitive audit conducted by the University of Nebraska–Omaha found an accuracy level of 96.1% for company name, address, and phone number. But we also recognize our data is not perfect which is why we have an industry-leading satisfaction guarantee.

Once payment is received, most direct mail mailing list orders are delivered within a few minutes to the email address on file for your account.

There are a variety of ways in which your direct mail lists can be delivered including as an Excel file, by CD-ROM, or as a pre-printed list of prospects. You can also choose 3×5 sales leads cards or mailing labels.

Please contact your marketing partner by dialing 866.760.0543. A 50% cancellation charge applies to all orders.

Send targeted campaigns to your brand-new direct mail lists, often within only 2-5 business days. Note that your project’s specific design needs and the approval process may affect the timeline.

We accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), PayPal, and checks. Please make checks payable to Data Axle and mail to: Data Axle USA – Accounts Payable P.O. Box 957742 St. Louis, MO 63195

The Best-Reviewed Targeted Lead Company

Ready to get started? Build your business or consumer mailing list, or call our marketing experts at 800.835.5856 to learn more about mailing lists and direct mail campaigns.