Here's what you need to do to sell to roofing companies.

How to Sell Your Products to Roofing Companies

While summer is a popular time to sell your products to roofing companies, it’s never too late to start looking at better ways to market to your prospects. There are some distinct challenges you face, though, in attracting attention and interest from buyers in this sector.

The following is an overview of some helpful strategies, tips, and insights to help you sell more products to roofing companies this summer and beyond.

Divide the Market into Discrete Segments

The more specific you get with your messages, the greater they resonate with the audience. To achieve message optimization, divide the marketplace up into segments of buyers with particular needs.

As an example, you might identify segments based on income level. This approach works well if you sell solutions at varying price points. Alternatively, you could target roofers that specialize in residential jobs differently than those who work in the commercial sector.

The Data Axle USA database is pre-loaded with business contacts that you can target based on firmographic, geographic, and behavioral data. Thus, it is fast, easy and efficient to build your buyer list to meet your interests.

Prepare a Multi-channel Message Strategy

You achieve powerful message synergy with a multi-channel approach that targets roofers strategically. Email and direct mail are effective methods to communicate with a lot of business markets, including those in the roofing industry.

Craft designs and messages that appeal to the specific interests of your discrete segments. Invest in professional mailers and email designs to attract attention. Prepare a logical communication sequence that guides prospects through the decision process. Include a call to action on each piece that directs your buyer to the next important step in the buying path.

Your website and blog are also valuable marketing platforms for targeting roofing buyers. Dedicated landing pages that speak to each of your solutions simplifies selection for your prospects. An attached blog helps you expand your search-engine referral reach and allows you to demonstrate credibility in the industry.

Offer Referral Bonuses and Discounts

Discounts and incentives are helpful in attracting a first-time buyer. Roofers want to maximize their profits, so the ability to save some money on purchases is an advantage. You could offer first-time buyer discounts or bulk discounts that encourage customers to buy all of their summer project supplies from you.

Satisfied customers are your best marketing tool. In addition to asking them to provide testimonials and reviews, motivate clients with referral bonuses. These types of promotions reward happy customers that take time to spread the word. The low-cost of referral marketing more than makes up for the money you pay out for successful referrals.


These are some of the most helpful tips to earn more business from roofing customers this summer and beyond. Apply each of these with a professional, client-centered approach to improve your results.

The Data Axle USA database and professional email solutions are a tremendous help in efficiently growing your roofing business; build a business list today!