Multi-channel Marketing

3 Multi-channel Marketing Facts You Need to Remember

Multi-channel marketing is a combination of proven strategies your business can deploy to ensure your message reaches the right audience for the best response rates. Typically, the best campaigns include a mix of direct mail, email, and online display advertising.

The following is an overview of the primary benefits of using multi-channel marketing to grow your business:

1. Reach More People

The primary reason to use multi-channel marketing is to reach a wide spectrum of people that fall under your target audience. Your options include email, direct mail, catalog, telemarketing, newspapers, television, social media, public relations, and online display advertising.

The benefit of reach is attained when your audience is broad and has varied media preferences. Some might read the newspaper for information, for instance, while others spend more time online to source news.

2. Reinforce Your Message

In addition to a broader reach, multi-channel marketing allows you to get your message in front of potential new customers multiple times for added effect. People retain more information when they see, hear, and interact with communicated messages. This can be something tangible like direct mail or interacting by clicking a display ad to a landing page on your website.

It usually takes multiple exposures to a message before people react as well. The first step is to achieve awareness and recognition that your brand and solutions can solve their problem. It typically takes at least three times before you’ll get a response.

3. How You Implement a Multi-channel Campaign Matters

Multi-channel marketing has also grown as companies realize the need to align their promotional messaging with the buyer journey. In business markets and more complex consumer markets, prospects go through a deliberate process before making a purchase decision. Thus, your campaign messages should align with the stages of your buyer’s journey.

Over the course of a journey, it is typical that your prospects engage with multiple communication platforms. Google™ is a common starting point for a lot of consumer and business buying paths. Therefore, websites, blogs, social media, and other channels, which provide for digital engagement, are important. Capturing an email address is critical during your first connection so that you have a channel to follow-up with targeted messages.

In some cases, prospects are only aware at the surface level that a problem exists, or may have no awareness whatsoever. Thus, a more proactive direct mailing campaign is necessary. An attention-getting and effective mailer can cause an uncertain prospect to take a need more seriously. Your mail then directs the recipient to a website or landing page that guides them farther along in their journey. Eventually, your sales team engages prospects for a more assertive approach to close the deal.


These multi-channel marketing benefits are powerful and essential to an optimized integrated marketing campaign.

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