4 Multi-Channel Marketing Quick Tips You Need to See

Multi-channel marketing, sometimes called integrated marketing, continues to set foot as the top industry strategy to maximize interactions with your targeted audience. Brands use this popular method to engage their audience using a combination of marketing channels.

The various mediums to reach customers include email, direct mail, catalog, telemarketing, newspapers, television, social media, public relations, and online display advertising. But how do marketers pick the right channel?

1) Identify Your Audience: Does your audience read the newspaper, or are they more suited to click a display ad on websites they already visit? Know your audience to determine the right platform.

2) Don’t Get Carried Away: Two to three channels are usually enough to test the waters in a new marketing campaign. Stick to known strategies to generate the best results.

3) Consistency Matters: Regardless of the strategies you choose, it’s imperative to treat them as a single plan. Make sure your message and voice are the same throughout your campaigns.

4) Test Everything: Some marketers will test a single channel against a multi-channel approach to measure results. This allows revisions to either plan, improving overall quality.

Are you ready to create a multi-channel marketing campaign? Stick with these four tips, and you’ll be prepared to tackle any project.