5 Easy Ways to Drive Holiday Shoppers to Your Door

The leaves have barely started to turn, and yet it’s time to begin thinking about the holiday sales season. What’s your plan to attract the most shoppers?

Don’t assume that your sales will increase simply because it’s the holidays. Consumers and businesses alike are always looking for the best deal, keeping an eye out for special events, or they’re turning to friends or colleagues for advice about where to spend their money. Here are a few tips to ensure shoppers choose your business over all the others.

  • Spread the word: Refresh your email or mailing lists and then send out a special message or holiday greeting to your customers. Using a data provider that also offers convenient email and direct mail marketing services can help get your message delivered quickly and easily.
  • Team up: Develop relationships with businesses in your area to create cross-promotional opportunities. For example, you could partner with neighboring businesses to cohost an exclusive sale or bring multiple experiences together, such as dinner and a show.
  • Leverage industry events: Consumers look forward to events like Small Business Saturday, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. Attract big business on these busy shopping days by promoting special offers ahead of time. Be sure to put your hours of operation, URL, and any other relevant information—such as convenient parking—so your target audience can plan their shopping routes accordingly.
  • Get social: Leverage social media’s ability to quickly spread your message by posting information about special events, discounts, new inventory, or any other happenings. Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus are great for starting conversations with your customers, and with the abundance of apps it’s easy for consumers to share your posts with their network of friends.
  • Create a unique offer: Remind your audience about what makes your business special. Extended hours, free gift wrap, and price matching are all offers that can make your business stand out amongst the holiday shopping noise.

It may seem early to get into the holiday spirit. But with some careful planning now, you may hear plenty of jingling—of cash registers, that is—throughout the upcoming season.