Email Success

This is What Successful Email Campaigns Have in Common

Shawn VotavaShawn Votava is the Marketing Agency Manager at Data Axle USA

Our email marketing team researched our 2018 campaigns to identify which factors generated better response rates on acquisition email deployments. Our research determined there are certain factors that cause stronger email performance such as:

  • Consumers typically respond more to email marketing campaigns in the back half of the week more than the earlier half.
  • Thursday, Friday, and Saturday show the highest Click-through rate (CTR).
  • Businesses respond more to email marketing campaigns on weekdays than the weekend.

But that shouldn’t be surprising. If you look at the open rates by day, you can see that Monday, Thursday, and Friday performed well, but Tuesday had the highest average click rate.

In all the campaigns sent, those that sent a trigger email experienced a much better overall response rate. A trigger email is a follow-up email sent to everyone who opened the previous email deployment. Additionally, email subject lines with the words or phrases free, now, exclusive, and limited time improved opens and CTR. The symbols $, %, and ! helped results, too.

Weekly Consumer Email Results

Day Average of Total Open % Average of Total Click %
Sunday 4.30% 0.05%
Monday 4.88% 0.28%
Tuesday 5.69% 0.39%
Wednesday 4.24% 0.33%
Thursday 6.41% 0.77%
Friday 7.22% 0.44%
Saturday 3.92% 0.42%

Weekly Business Email Results

Day Average of Total Open % Average of Total Click %
Sunday 7.53% 1.57%
Monday 14.04% 1.30%
Tuesday 11.47% 2.76%
Wednesday 11.92% 1.70%
Thursday 14.51% 1.81%
Friday 22.40% 2.50%
Saturday 5.32% 0.11%

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