4 Smart Marketing Tips During Uncertain Times

Amber Watts is a Sales Training Manager at Data Axle USA

Marketing your business during the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic can be challenging. Regardless, it’s important to come up with solutions that allow you to generate sales and revenue.

How can you effectively market to consumers who may have limited access to regularly frequented businesses? How do you market to businesses when everyone is working from home? Companies have started to adapt and overcome these obstacles. Here are four ways you can get started:

Remain Customer-focused

A customer-focused marketing strategy is a winning marketing strategy. Your marketing efforts should be less focused on what makes your company great and more focused on how your company is helping your customers. What about your product or service can directly benefit them at this very moment? Instead of focusing on the features of your products, focus on the benefits to them.

Stay Front and Center

Continue to stay in front of consumers, because when they’re ready to buy, you want it to be from you. Ride out the waves. Focus on the future possibilities and partnerships. There are still consumers and businesses who need your services. Don’t make them find you. Lead them to you. As more continue to open back up for business, they will need you.

Give and Tell

Storytelling is a compelling way to connect with your audience and gain exposure. Tell relevant, authentic stories about how your company is contributing to ease the pain of the pandemic. Do something that stands out. Is your company supporting those who need it most right now? Tell the world and remain humble in your messaging.

Be Authentic

When is the last time you reviewed value propositions? What about your customer experience? This crisis has reminded us how important a brand’s authenticity is. Use good taste in your message and approach, and people will be more receptive to hearing what you have to say. You need to speak less about yourself and more about your customers.

Creating a customer experience that builds trust, loyalty, and confidence in your brand is crucial. While this isn’t new, we’re forced to rethink our current strategies. These tips can help make your marketing strategy during this pandemic a time of growing rather than a time of shrinking. It won’t be easy, but it can and will be done if you stay positive, stay calm and be tenacious in your efforts.