New Year. New Clients. No Problem.

The New Year is a time to start fresh in many ways, including your marketing plans. That means that if you haven’t already made a resolution to better your business in 2017, it’s time to make a commitment to do so–starting with the way you market your business. At Data Axle USA, we believe that bettering your business begins with a good marketing plan. Here are just a few marketing ideas that your business can take advantage of in the New Year.

Update Your Customer Lists: Having customers is imperative to growing your business. However, many businesses try to keep in touch with their customers, wasting time and money because their data is out-of-date. People move, change their telephone numbers, and update their emails every single day. If your customer list is over a year old, use a data enhancement service to bring your contact information up-to-date. Data enhancement allows you to update addresses and phone numbers, add missing business emails, merge files, and much more.

Replace Outdated Messaging: The last time you saw an outdated or underwhelming marketing piece, you probably threw it away. This New Year, take a fresh approach with your marketing materials. Instead of sending out the same old postcard or letter, try updating the wording, offer, or the layout of your mailing. When you use brighter colors and a more updated look, your customers will be more likely to take a look at what you have to say–instead of heading right for the recycling bin.

Trying Something New: The New Year makes for a great excuse to try a new marketing piece! If your business is stuck in its same old marketing pattern, consider throwing a new marketing asset into the mix. Search Engine Marketing is a great way to help customers find you when they’re searching for products or services just like yours. Meanwhile Online Display Advertising, which allows you to get your brand and message in front of your best prospects on websites they frequently visit, is the perfect partner for a Direct Mail or Email campaign. Multi-channel marketing will be a huge asset in 2017, so consider combining two or more marketing campaigns to get the best results.

New Year, new marketing! There are so many great possibilities for marketing your business in 2017. Contact us today at 866.313.8192 if you need help getting started.