Email Tips

6 Pro Email Marketing Tips You Need to Know

Email marketing remains one of the most efficient forms of marketing for companies. With constant changes in technology and data sources, it’s never too early to plan your next campaign.

The following is a look at some of the best practices for optimizing your email marketing:

1. Increase automation and personalization

Targeting in email marketing has been on discrete segments. While segmentation is still useful, we will continue a shift toward more content geared toward a single audience. Automation software can be used to target people based on demographics, firmographics, geographic data, and online behavior.

2. Cross-channel integration

Email is not a standalone channel. It is best used in synergy with other digital and traditional media channels. For example, combining email with a display ad can increase response rates by 300%.

3. Build rapport as a priority

You may, at times, deliver discounts, deals and product pitches to customers. However, nurturing your relationship with prospects and customers is one of the top reasons to use email. This communication can be used to strengthen existing relationships and bolster new ones.

4. More interactive content

Thanks to improving technology, you can embed more interactive and engaging content features in your emails. Videos, GIFs, quizzes, and polls continue to be increasingly popular.

5. Enhance mobile optimization

Mobile email usage continues to grow. Currently, people open just over half of their emails on mobile. That means it’s critical to develop responsive emails that can fit on smaller screens.

6. Stay up to date with privacy laws

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was a major international law protecting consumer privacy. Adapt to GDPR requirements to make sure your data collection, store, and usage are in accordance with international law.

These six tips will help you improve your email marketing efforts. If you’re looking to grow your return on investment and campaign success, ask about Data Axle USA’s email marketing campaigns. We do all the work for you. Call 866.313.8192 or click here for more information.