4 Reasons You Need Good Customer Data

In today’s world, consumers have nearly unlimited choices where to spend their money. For example, if you run a pest control service, you’re likely competing with one or two national companies operating in your area, plus a handful of local brands. How can your company win business over the competition?

The first place to focus your efforts is on your marketing materials, specifically on who you are marketing to. You should have a customer database – a centralized storage with demographic information about past and current customers, plus details on prospects. It can be as detailed or as simple as your business requires, but the quality of information in this database can have a major impact on the success of your marketing campaigns. Some of the ways good data can impact your business are:

1. Right Message at the Right Time.

A database should be sortable and searchable by certain criteria, for example, zip code. Going back to the pest control example, suppose you knew an exotic beetle had invaded one part of town. You can then go to your database, sort it by zip code for that area and initiate a campaign advertising a special, limited-time offer. But this isn’t possible if you don’t have accurate data for that geographic area. Data Axle USA can help you create reliable mailing lists targeted to specific areas.

2. Know Your Customer Better.

What if you only have a name, address or phone and you’re missing other key information? You should consider a demographic append to find out other key characteristics of your customers, from home values to household incomes and behavioral and consumer interests.

3. Make Customers Happier.

Using your database to collect details about the relationship with your customer will tell the story of that customer. You can stay on top of how and when to contact that customer, previous services provided to that customer, anticipate customer needs, notate conversations and provide better overall service. Happy customers not only come back to keep spending money with you, they recommend you to their family, friends and co-workers, all of which lends to the success of your business.

4. Find New Customers.

Think about your customers’ neighbors or other people they know who could become your next customers. If you’re already in the area, it can be efficient to market to the surrounding households and grow your customer base. Use your existing customer base as a model for your next customer. Review characteristics your best customers share. How many other prospects share those characteristics in your market? It’s important you start off on the right foot with prospects by knowing as much about them as possible. Data Axle USA has the most accurate data in the business to help you find the right, new customers.

A customer database is an important tool for any business, no matter the size. Once you have a database established, maintaining its integrity becomes a responsibility of everyone in your organization. Your business is only as good as the information it uses.

Data Axle USA Data Quality

Data Axle USA uses 29 billion records from over 100 different sources to aggregate data every year and our full-time staff of researchers make over 24 million calls each year to gather and verify data. They gather raw data from numerous sources, including tax assessments, utility connects and voter registration files. Then, they integrate dozens of proprietary enrichment sources. To help you further refine your consumer mailing lists, Data Axle USA offers multiple search selections including age, marital status and estimated household income. Learn more about Data Axle USA’s data quality and verification procedures on our Data Quality page.

Our Good Data Guarantee – 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

With hundreds of millions of records, it’s impossible to insure every record will be 100% accurate. We are so confident in the accuracy of our data, however, that you will never pay for a bad record. That’s our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to you.

Data Axle USA is ready to help you grow your business with targeted, accurate lists which can be used to deliver your message.