Here's how you can boost your content with email marketing.

How to Boost Your Content Strategy With Email Marketing

A winning content strategy begins with multi-channel and digital marketing efforts to increase your return on investment.

The relationship between content marketing and email is a prime example. A strong email marketing system increases the value you gain from content. The following is an overview of some of the top ways to boost your content strategy with email marketing.

Syndicated Reach

Typical email marketing platforms allow you to invite subscribers to your emails. This allows you to reach a larger audience with your posts and blogs. This way users receive emails daily, a few times a week, weekly or at whatever interval you select. You can elect to distribute your feed with excerpts that require readers to click on a link to read more of a given blog post on your website.

Targeted Distribution

You can also distribute fresh content to your subscribers through newsletters or targeted campaigns. Realize that not every blog post appeals to the interests of every subscriber. Thus, it is beneficial to build segmented lists that allow you to target readers with content that is relevant to them.

When people subscribe, allow them to select types of content that interest them based on particular roles. Similarly, when you acquire contacts, in-depth profile data helps you to assign prospects to lists for enhanced targeting with relevant content.

Link Building

In addition to getting your content in front of more readers on a regular basis, email marketing allows you to potentially acquire more links. If you target people with relevant content, they are more likely to share it across social media and on their own websites and blogs. Include social sharing buttons in your campaigns to encourage this behavior.

Link building offers a couple key benefits. First, it creates more opportunities for referral traffic. Also, quality off-site links are critical to search engine optimization. People on your contact list that have quality sites and blogs can help you enhance your site’s search rankings.

Improved Customer Retention

Increased customer retention and loyalty are two common objectives of email marketing. You want to keep your brand in front of prospects and customers regularly to maintain top-of-mind-awareness and a supportive relationship.

Sharing quality content that is useful and relevant to your customers is part of the process of building loyalty. Your customers will view you as a partner or resource, not just a company that sold them stuff.


These are a few of the key ways in which a strong email marketing program creates a powerful synergy with your content marketing. Leverage this cohesion to amplify your success.

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