6 Ways to Grow Your Email List Through Social Media

Social media dominates online activity, but how good a tool is it for marketing your business? While it’s free to set-up your account, whether it’s cost effective or not will depend on the volume and quality of content and management you can provide.

Email, on the other hand, delivers the highest return on investment of any digital activity. How can you get the two to work together?

When you create a powerful social media presence, and acquire a large following, it feels promising for your business. But all the “likes” and “shares” don’t necessarily result in more business, or even more email subscribers.

Regardless if you have a handful of followers or thousands, here are six tips to turn your social media followers into email subscribers.

1. Host a Twitter chat

You can answer questions from your prospects or customers directly through Twitter. All you need to do is come up with a unique hashtag and set a regular day and time for your Q&A. For example, if you run a plumbing company, you can start letting your Twitter followers know that the first Wednesday of the month, from 4 pm to 5 pm, you will answer their questions using #asktheplumber. And, each month, pick a unique topic or invite a guest contributor. Maybe the first month you answer questions on #cloggeddrains, the next month #facuetreplacement, and so on. Twitter chats allow you to interact directly with your followers, and establish your presence as a thought leader.

2. Preview premium content

If you have whitepapers, detailed articles, ebooks or any other premium content, you can show introductions on your social media, and then require an email address to view the rest.

Additionally, if you have a special offer, such as free shipping, or 20% off a purchase, you can tease that, and require an email address to provide the code.

3. Hold a contest

A great way to get your followers involved is to give something away. You could give away a prize for the most shares of a certain post, or for who can get the most friends to join your email list. Be mindful of the terms of service for the social media platform you are using. For instance, Facebook currently allows businesses to incentivize “Check-ins,” but not “Likes”.

4. Use LinkedIn Groups

Create a LinkedIn group in your area of expertise. Connect with some of your best customers by inviting them to your group. You’ll want to seed the group with articles and topics for discussion, and soon it should become an active forum where you can present your business as an industry leader. Additionally, go out and contribute to other groups. You will build your reputation as an intelligent and reliable business leader.

5. Create a YouTube How-To Video

Nearly every business can show consumers how to do something. One of the best ways to share this knowledge is with a video. “How to” searches are among the most popular queries on YouTube – the world’s 2nd largest search engine. This is another way to represent your business as a thought leader, but it also allows customers to see you in person, and see your creativity. At the end of the video, include your business name, website and a call to action to join your email list. Be sure to transcribe your video into the Description to help it get found in searches.

6. Include a CTA in social media profiles

Don’t overlook the opportunities to grow your email list that are hiding in plain sight. For example, make sure an opt-in is prominently displayed on your website. Additionally, make sure all of your public-facing employees have an opt-in or call to action in their social media profiles. When they write a popular post, or interact with customers, anyone viewing their profile will easily be able to join your email list.

If growing or managing your email list seems daunting, don’t let it be. Data Axle USA’s email marketing team can help you by growing your email list and crafting targeted email campaigns.