The increasing popularity of display ads shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.

This is Why Display Ads are Becoming More Popular

Display advertising, one of the earliest forms of digital promotion, has experienced a resurgence thanks to improved creative technology and retargeting capabilities. This promotional strategy is effective for companies of all types and sizes.

The following is an introduction to display advertising along with a look at some of the ways it can help your business:

Display Advertising Basics

Images and videos are key visual elements included within display ads, which also are known as banner ads. Display placements are located across publisher websites and either delivered privately or through large server networks like Google AdWords™.

Historically, banner ads were a specific size such as 728×90 pixels. Box ads that often appear on sidebars were 300×250 or 250×250. These static sizes, along with a few other common dimensions, still exist. However, a lot of display ads are now delivered responsively, which means they conform to match the device used, whether desktop or mobile.

How to Set Up and Execute Display Ads

Creating a display ad is relatively simple. However, you might need to invest in professional design to take advantage of high-resolution or dynamic video opportunities.

After you have ads ready, contact publishers directly if you want to acquire places manually on a select number of sites. To deliver your ads programmatically across a massive network of publisher sites create an account with AdWords or another server. Then, upload your ads and filter the audience to match your target market.

Display Ad Benefits

There are a number of key reasons to include display advertising in your promotional plans for your business, including:


Like other online advertising formats, display ads are relatively inexpensive to create and deliver. You also control the budget by bidding on a pay-per-click delivery basis and setting daily budget limits with ad servers.


The advanced image resolution tools available, along with HTML5 video technology, enable you to deliver impressive visual branding to your audience.


Get very precise in targeting your audience based on the type of publishers they like or demographic and geographic traits. Retargeting, which means delivering ads to people that have already interacted with your business or website, leads to relatively high response rates and return on investment.


Display advertising offers significant advantages over traditional media when it comes to results-tracking. This point is especially true through an ad network like Google. The impressions, clicks and costs for each of your ads and campaigns are visible in virtual real-time. Use results to make adjustments quickly to avoid wasted ad investments.


The cost and value derived from display advertising make it sensible for any type of business. Small companies, in particular, can create a more level playing field through efficient budget management and effective ads.

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