The Best Way to Manage Your Email List

When you rely on an email list to find sales prospects and connect with customers, you know how important it is to have accurate, current, and useful information. There’s nothing more frustrating than looking at a report that shows hundreds of “email does not exist” messages or “this address is not found on this server” alerts.

Maintaining a solid email list

Because you want your email list to be accurate, you need to offer it some TLC. Without regular, planned, and proper maintenance, your data can become obsolete quickly. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to deliberately and carefully handle the strategically critical data in your email lists. Here are four tips that will keep your e-data fresh and useful.

1) Know the purpose

How do you use your email lists? The possible reasons are numerous, including to communicate with existing customers, find potential leads, or move leads through the sales and lead funnels. Do you have clear goals for what you want your email list to accomplish? Are there metrics in place that can be tracked and analyzed? For example, “engaged prospects” can be defined as those who click on a call to action, or open the email, or download content on your website.

2) Measure often

Understand the impact of your emails by looking at a range of statistics, including open rate, click-through rate, bounced emails, and out-of-office messages received. How do your open rate and click-through rate compare to industry averages for your type of business? The statistics give you a clear sense of the current state of your email list and can inform decisions about what needs to be improved. If your open rates are low, it may indicate that your email list is not reaching the right audience. If people are visiting your website but not taking further action, your content or calls to action may need to be refined.

3) Be relentless

At some point, you may need to give up on prospects who have not opened dozens of emails. Those targeted for deletion may deserve one more chance, but after that, you may need to cut them loose. This approach is important if you use a third-party provider for email services whose pricing is based on the volume of emails sent. Be aware of who isn’t even opening the emails.

4) Demographic data

Personalization is an increasingly important part of email marketing. If you do not have data that lets you customize communications, you cannot deliver the personal messages that could be more effective.

What to look for

When you want to improve your mailing list, you need a partner who knows your priorities. With Data Axle USA, email data maintenance is comprehensive, precise and efficient. Data Axle USA email maintenance service reduces the number of undeliverable and problem email addresses. Data Axle USA checks bounced email addresses and finds new, updated e-data. Our email hygiene service cleans up misspellings, corrects mistakes in domain names and extensions, and flags email addresses that contain inappropriate language. Our suppression service flags email addresses in our database known to trigger spam filtering. With so much relying on quality email addresses, contact us at 866.355.1174 to see how Data Axle USA can boost your response rates by maintaining fresh and accurate data.