These tools can help you grow your business.

5 Tools That Will Help Grow Your Business in 2019

Savvy business operators know the importance of planning ahead to take advantages of emerging opportunities to grow your business in 2019. Technology is one of the critical facets of business activity that you must give proper attention to your planning. The following is a look at some of the most useful tools:

1. Social Media Management

Hootsuite is one of the most popular and recognized social media management tools used by small businesses. With several affordable service plans and pricing options, your company can efficiently take advantage of the benefits of social media marketing.

Hootsuite allows you to integrate multiple social network accounts and streams for a single-screen view of your entire social media system. In addition to posting and scheduling new messages for each of your accounts on one dashboard, use Hootsuite to track user engagement and conversations about particular topics relevant to your business.

2. Predictive Analytics and Automation

You simply can’t compete with larger players if you don’t use the power of predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, and automation in your business. CRM software solutions and analytics add-on applications allow you to generate reports that contribute to more certain and less-risky decisions about marketing and operations.

Automation software allows you to prepare and distribution digital marketing campaigns that are responsive and customized based on individual user behavior. Such a personalized communication flow enhances engagement and return on investment.

3. Social Media Advertising

Along with managing organic communications on social media, small companies need to use affordable and efficient advertising options on social networks. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other top platforms all offer social media advertising features, which allow for controlled budgeting and well-targeted delivery.

These social networks continue to amplify their capabilities for optimized targeting as well. For example, Facebook uses enhanced augmented reality features so retail brands can give targeted users realistic trial experiences with products. Facebook and other channels also are adding fantastic video ad creation and distribution capabilities to leverage user interest in video consumption.

4. Team Communication

Slack has become a hugely popular messaging tool aimed at business and team communication. Slack is an amped-up version of popular consumer messaging tools like Facebook Messenger. With Slack, your work teams can converse, share files and store conversations for later. In one word, Slack helps you optimize the productivity of your company and work teams.

5. Data-driven Email Marketing

Email offers the highest potential return on investment across all digital communication platforms. When well-executed, you can target ideal customers with impactful messages and well-timed delivery.

A key challenge to using the power of email marketing is the acquisition and development of deep and accurate prospect profiles. Data Axle USA is a dedicated email marketing service provider that specializes in this area. We offer access to millions of rich contact profiles that you can filter on a wide array of demographic, firmographic, geographic, and behavioral factors. Acquire prospects that match your solutions and then seamlessly prepare and deliver professional email campaigns.


These are some of the most useful tools in helping your small business grow in 2019. Take time now to explore these opportunities so that you have the best options in place ahead of the new year!