This is how you can market your financial services.

4 Ways to Market Your Financial Services You Need to Try

Technology provides a lot of advantages to savvy financial services providers that understand its value. There are some great tools that enhance your capacity to market financial services products to both business and consumer audiences.

The following is an overview of some of the best tech tools to help financial services providers promote to their target markets.

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the best social networking platforms to connect with industry peers and potential financial services clients. This point is especially true if you target business representatives, as LinkedIn has a lot of users in decision-making roles at companies.

You can search LinkedIn profiles by job title, geography, and other filters. Make connections to drive people to your profile page, where they learn about your services and benefits. Post original content or share links to blog articles and landing pages on your business site. Get involved in relevant conversations and participate in groups.

2. Analytics Software

Big data has infiltrated the financial services arena much like it has other major business sectors. Leveraging profile and intent data allow you to identify the common traits and behaviors of people that match your most profitable customer segments. Salesforce is the top provider of CRM software that includes strong analytics-reporting features.

Build a strong persona for each of your service offerings. Use these personas to create effective email and direct mail campaigns. Build professional mailer designs that appeal to the interests of your prospects. Follow-up with a series of coordinated messages that align with your consumer or business contact’s progression through the buyer journey.

3. Data Axle USA’s Specialty List Services

Because we specialize in the delivery of high-quality contacts, Data Axle USA provides access to targeted lists within the banking and finance sectors. These lists include consumers and business contacts that have been identified as high-opportunity prospects based on their profile traits and online behaviors.

Build lists with rich profiles that help you craft on-point messages for consumers or business buyers. You can cross-segment by geography to target contacts within a particular area.

4. HootSuite

Social selling extends beyond LinkedIn. Financial services reps have achieved success in personal branding and client prospecting on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Dedicating time to multiple networks is a challenge, which makes HootSuite or another social media management tool especially valuable. In HootSuite, you create streams to follow newsfeeds, mentions, and keyword-based conversations. Identifying conversions relevant to your services and replying to user comments is one potential application of the platform. You can monitor activities across multiple channels at once rather than logging into each channel separately.


These are a diverse mix of tech tools to help financial-services providers grow their business efficiently. Use these tools to gain a compelling advantage over competitors that don’t target as effectively.

Use the Data Axle USA Specialty List Services to build a consumer list or build a business list!