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How to Market to People Turning 65 With Email

Companies sometimes assume that email is out of the equation for people turning 65. However, promising research illustrates that seniors often prefer email over print and other media as a form of communication. Thus, it is important to have a strong plan for using this digital platform.

The following is an overview of research on email marketing to people turning 65, along with strategies and insights to help you build an effective plan.

Research on Email Marketing

You may be shocked to learn that seniors have a higher preference for email communication from companies than millennials do. In a 2017 study by Adestra, 78.8 percent of baby boomers indicated that email was their preferred channel for receiving business communication. In comparison, 77.8 percent of millennials reported the same.

Successful Email Marketing Campaigns to Seniors

Given that people turning 65 like email communication, the following are some strategies and tips for delivering successful campaigns:

Ensure Privacy: Baby boomers have a natural propensity for being leery about safety and privacy online. Therefore, include communication about how you protect their privacy while delivering electronic messages. This point is especially true if you use mobile apps or other platforms that require the collection of personal data.

Simplify Tech Requirements: Despite pervasive use of smartphones, senior primarily use such devices for making phone calls. In general, email marketers are including more technology and interactive features in campaigns. However, for seniors, more concise, efficient and simple performance and content are usually best.

Offer Relevant Information: Seniors do often enjoy reading and are more apt to seek out additional valuable content than younger counterparts. Thus, effective hooks that encourage more extensive content consumption are valuable within senior-based email campaigns. Offer readers more in-depth, interesting and informative content through well-organized links in your messages.

Include Data and Facts: It does take a little longer to build trust with seniors, which is part of why they take the time to read more and investigate problems. Therefore, the more you can include data and support your claims with facts, the better. Utilize research that validates approaches to resolving problems, and in particular, data that points to your solutions as the remedy.

Stay the Course: Consistent messages are necessary for all audiences, but especially with seniors. You can’t expect a response the first time every time. Present messages more than once to get the response you want. Also, include opt-out links to strengthen trust and to adhere to anti-spam regulations.


The proof is clear that seniors not only pay attention to emails, but they prefer them. Follow these practical steps to present messages that work and you can achieve powerful results with targeted email marketing campaigns.

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