Here's what you can do to attract more marketing agency clients.

4 Amazing Ways to Get More Marketing Agency Clients

It’s no secret you’re always looking for more marketing agency clients. Nowadays, agencies aren’t just in the business of promoting client brands and products. They must also use promotional strategies to attract clients to their firm. Limited time and a client-focused approach often get in the way of agency marketing.

The following are four ways to attract more marketing agency clients:

1. Identify Effective Promotional Channels

Digital, direct mail, traditional media, and live events are all on the table as effective promotional strategies for marketing agencies. Because of the focus on client campaigns, the challenge for a lot of firms is a lack of time and energy to dedicate to internal promotion. Agencies often emphasize external ideas and a fresh perspective when convincing clients to hire an outside firm. For similar reasons, agencies can benefit from an external partner that helps with project design. A partner allows your team to concentrate time and expertise on client projects.

2. Target Precise Contacts

Agency professionals understand the importance of targeting precise contacts with campaigns. After all, that approach is vital within the marketing industry. However, putting together a high-quality list of targeted contacts for agencies is challenging. Because of our specialization in database management, Data Axle USA can help you source and target a very efficient list of high-quality business prospects. Contacts are complete with thorough and accurate data. Thus, your campaigns don’t suffer from waste and you can deliver optimized messages that attract interest.

3. Create and Print Professional Pieces

People receiving promotional messages from a marketing agency expect pieces that are of the utmost quality. Your campaign pieces should demonstrate the quality of the work you deliver on behalf of clients. Again, the time and focus on clients inhibit your agency’s ability to prioritize high-quality campaign pieces for your own efforts. Data Axle USA also provides expert design and printing services. Whether you opt for print mailers, email campaigns, live-event invitations, or all of the above, Data Axle USA creates professional pieces.

4. Don’t Forget About Search Engine Marketing

A lot of companies interested in working with an agency turn to a search engine for research. This reality makes search engine marketing an important component within your agency promotional mix. Effective paid search is only possible if you have a quality website and landing pages that present useful and relevant information. As a partner of Google AdWords™ and Bing™, Data Axle USA helps you design, execute and track results with your display, search, or remarketing campaigns. Fine-tune your search campaigns over time to optimize your return on investment.


Applying all of these strategies and tips to your agency marketing plan yields a significant boost to your results. Data Axle USA is the agency for agencies. We help you get your message to your ideal business clients. Get started with your traditional, digital and direct mail marketing plans today when you build a business list with Data Axle USA!