The Future of Multi-channel Marketing in 2019

Revisiting multi-channel marketing is important as we see a shift in the way we need to deliver our message to target audiences across the country and around the world in 2019.

What remains the same, however, is that using two or more marketing channels can greatly improve your conversion rates. For example, adding a display ad to a direct mail or email marketing campaign can increase your response rates by 200%. That’s a huge difference. But what makes this happen?

Let’s take a step back and look at why multi-channel marketing remains successful. So we know repeat contact with a prospect gives you a better chance of them responding to your messaging. This means targeting them with direct mail, email, and online display advertising.

By getting in their mailbox, email inbox, and websites they frequently visit, you’re planting seeds in places they’re most likely to see your message. Repeat exposure like this is proven to generate more responses than a single campaign alone. But there’s more if you want to stay on top.

It’s also becoming more important to tailor your digital marketing efforts, like email and online display advertising, to be responsive to smartphones and tablets. There’s nothing worse than creating a winning ad that gets distorted on a mobile device. So, yes, testing on mobile platforms is absolutely critical.

The advent of mobile usage will continue to grow. So marketers will need to factor this into their campaigns and other plans. It’s true. In 2018, 47% of people opened emails on their smartphones while the rest used other mobile devices, according to the Data & Marketing Association.

This is exactly why marketers need to prepare campaigns that are mobile-friendly in order to generate the most success. When you cover your bases for mobile and display advertising as part of a multi-channel marketing campaign, you’ll be ready for this year and beyond.