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Why Direct Mailing Marketing Campaigns are Important

Think of life before the digital age, before the internet, mobile phones, emails and customer databases. A billboard might have been the closest you could get to a prospect. Perhaps you could get into their home or car via television or radio ads. You could target better with direct mail, phone calls or knocking on doors.
Now you have the ability to retain customer data, track their purchase history, anticipate their needs and target the more directly. If your business isn’t already practicing direct marketing, you should know why you need it.

Direct marketing reaches people immediately

You probably check your postal mail every day. When you do, you probably sort through it as soon as it’s in your hands. That means a direct mail campaign can get you into a prospective customer’s hands as soon as they open their mailbox. Data Axle USA can help you grow your customer base through direct mail marketing. Now, take that online. Remember that most people check their email several times a day, so complement direct mail with email marketing. Catch someone’s attention with a subject line, and then they’re reading your email.

Direct marketing is efficient

According to Fortune, a 30-second commercial during Super Bowl 50 cost $5 million. Although that represents the pinnacle of television advertising, it points out that broadcast commercials are a costly medium. They’re also not targeted, likely reaching a large audience not interested in the product or service advertised. When you design a direct marketing campaign, invest in its appearance (it does represent your business, after all), but also maximize efficiency. You only need to mail or email specific, targeted customers – those who you have researched, who you know are ripe for contact, who are likely to respond to a special offer.

Direct marketing is customizable

Thinking back to that Super Bowl ad, imagine if you wanted to adjust your offer or extend the expiration date or make different offers to different types of customers? Variable printing and email segmentation allow customizing your direct mail and email marketing programs. Knowing key demographic characteristics like income range, home ownership and age, not to mention psychographics like browsing and reading habits, can help you customize your message. Customer data is key to talking to your customers directly, as individuals.

Direct marketing is trackable

Those offers you’re sending out to specific customers will have a special code or link. When someone calls the number on the mailer or clicks the link in the email, you’ll know your marketing campaign worked. You can see how many customers respond, how much revenue you’ve generated and what your overall return on investment is. Plus, you’ll know what your customers are willing to spend for your goods or services. If one campaign yields less than impressive results, you know it’s time to make changes. Use tracking to make adjustments in design, offers and targeting. Data Axle USA can even design your postcards, taking the time-consuming work off your hands. Don’t ignore these staples of direct marketing. They are effective and reliable, especially when coupled with the power of Data Axle USA’s mailing lists and sales leads, which have been crafted from 29 billion records from over 100 different sources. Data Axle USA can further refine the data based on dozens of criteria so you’re reaching your ideal customer.