It’s Time to Spring Clean Your Dirty Data

Sweeping dirty data under the rug can come back to bite you.

Don’t be one of the many businesses that contributes to the U.S economy losing over $3.1 trillion per year due to bad data. At Data Axle USA, our data cleaning experts are here to help you protect your business from information that can ultimately cost you more time and money.

Data Axle USA has proven ways for you to enhance your data by appending missing contact information, merging and/or purging existing records, and cleaning up your data to make it consistently reliable.

Better customer data allows you to accurately personalize your marketing collateral to improve open and response rates for direct mail, email, targeted display ads, and more.

Your investment in clean data goes a long way. The 1-10-100 rule says it will cost you $1 to verify a record as it’s entered, $10 to fix it if it’s wrong later, and $100 if you do absolutely nothing. Those numbers can add up quickly if you have a sizable client base.

Cleaning your business data can start the moment you acquire a new customer’s information. If you’d like to talk to our marketing experts about spring cleaning your data, call 800.835.5856.