No. Direct Mail Did Not Die

Every year, marketing companies announce the death of direct mail like celebrity gossip. They probably didn’t know nearly 60% of people still open direct mail.

Nearly 50% look at their mail, and at least 26% threw away or recycled it meaning they’re at least environmentally conscious. So, why is direct mail still so successful?

Twenty-one percent of consumers say it doesn’t take much brain power to digest direct mail content. Of those consumers 75% were able to remember direct mail versus 44% for email. Additionally, people tend to hang onto direct mail that interests them. They keep them for an average 17 days.

At Data Axle USA, 47% of our direct mail customers are repeat buyers. That means they come back to order more post cards, brochures, and other mail pieces. Our direct mail experts also do everything for them. They will build a targeted list, create a design for the mail piece, and send it.

Direct mail’s response rates also continue to grow every year. In 2017, it had a response rate of 5.1%, which increased by 96% to 9% in 2018, according to the ANA/DMA 2018 Response Rate Report.

Data Axle USA can help you craft the right direct mail piece for your target audience. If you’d like to learn more about using direct mail, call our marketing experts at 800.835.5856.