New Movers Program

3 Reasons Why Our New Movers Program Will Increase Your ROI

Data Axle USA’s new movers program is the perfect solution for business owners to target people who have moved near their business every month. Our program is automated, affordable, and requires no contract or long-term commitment. All you have to do is choose your target area, decide on your message or offer, and we do the rest.

Here’s how you know if the program is right for you:

1. It’s Designed for Everyone

We built this program to take the headaches out of trying to keep up with the latest new people moving into your area. We do the heavy lifting for you every month by compiling the list for you.

2. Sending Your Direct Mail Has Never Been This Easy

We’ll design, print, and mail to your prospects every month. Most marketing experts say you need to send at least three pieces of direct mail to someone for them to respond.

3. We Use the Most Up-to-Date Data

Just like you, we want to save time and money. That’s why we’re sending your direct mail campaigns each month to new movers. If you’re dealing with bad data, you’ll be quickly dealing with unnecessary expenditures in postage and more. At Data Axle USA, we realize no database is perfect. That’s why our 100% satisfaction guarantee reimburses you for any portion of your list that’s undeliverable, out of date, or disconnected.

Data Axle USA’s new movers program can change the way you reach out to people in your area every month. For more information about the program or to get started, call 866.269.7082.