Data Axle USA Earns Top 25 Business Intelligence and Analytics Ranking

We’re excited to announce that Data Axle USA has been ranked among the best business intelligence and analytics companies in the U.S. by CIO Application Magazine.

The top 25 ranking means Data Axle USA is continuing to do something right—providing innovative ways for companies to leverage data to reduce costs, save time, and increase ROI.

“Decisions are only as good as the data you relied on to make them,” Data Axle USA President Amit Khanna told the magazine.

In the article, Data Axle USA is described as a company that helps others “make smart decisions by making sure their data is accurate, complete, and up to date.”

Our headquarters and database center in Papillion, Nebraska, enables marketers, business owners, and self-starters to accomplish this with data so powerful that it’s also used by search engine providers and GPS systems in North America.

The magazine also highlighted Data Axle USA’s Data Axle technology, which enables businesses to connect data hubs in real-time including transactional, social, demographic, location, and several others. This gives businesses the ability to leverage the best data whenever they need it.

Data Axle USA is thankful to receive this honor and pledges to continue work as an industry leader providing data and marketing solutions for businesses around the world.