This is the best way to improve your email ROI.

The Best Way to Improve Your Email ROI

The best way to improve your email ROI is to integrate attention-grabbing features while maintaining your budget.

The following is an overview of tips and insights to help you improve your email ROI without breaking the bank:

Embed Images and Videos

Television advertising is expensive, but it enables you to create powerful stories for your target audience. Though not equivalent to a TV commercial, an email campaign with colorful images and impressive video content can optimize the creative potential of the medium.

Images have long been used to break up the monotony of text-only campaigns, which is critical in the current mobile-first environment. The relatively newer practice of embedded videos directly into emails leads to even greater enhancement. Include demonstrations, testimonials, and other videos right within your email content to remove the extra step for a reader of clicking to your landing page. With HTML5 video technology and other production and editing tools, you can create powerful content that drives results.

Personalize with Smart Content

Smart content refers to email content that is personalized to the specific individual based on observed online behaviors. The more customized your content, the more relevant it is to each reader. Relevant content contributes to reduced unsubscribes, higher readership rates, more content engagement, and greater response rates.

Top software platforms even allow you to personalize your content for each stage of the buyer journey. Leveraging artificial intelligence and automation, you can prepare campaigns and messages that resonate with a persona, whether he or she is at the awareness, consideration, decision or post-purchase stage.

Include Third-Party Endorsements

Last year, 39 percent of marketers reported an intent to invest more on influencer marketing. This is a continuation of a trend that has been constant for a few years. Why? Because it works; people trust the input of peers when making purchase decisions.

On TV, buyers are used to seeing celebrities or everyday people share positive support for a brand. They can hear endorsements on the radio and read them in print. These are features you can easily incorporate into email campaigns by adding photos of satisfied customers along with powerful statements. Embed specific company or product reviews and ratings to deliver an even more powerful punch!


These are some of the best ways to leverage the creative benefits of traditional media in your email marketing campaigns. It doesn’t take a lot of additional investment to infuse these strategies, but it does require some creative ingenuity.

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