This is how you get more people to open your emails

4 Proven Ways to Make More People Open Your Emails

Getting contacts to open your emails is the first major objective of an email marketing campaign. Nothing else you want to achieve can occur without this important step. The challenge is to capture a person’s attention quickly as he or she scans a cluttered inbox.

The following is an overview of some of the most useful and effective tips to improve open rates on your email marketing campaigns.

Research and Execute on the Subject Line

Your subject line is the greatest device you have to inspire an email open. Therefore, it makes sense to research factors that contribute to subject line success.

Top email marketing software programs, even free ones like MailChimp, offer some basic tools to help you evaluate the potential for success of a subject line. Programs with capabilities for historical analysis can mirror your proposed line against others used on the platform, and provide potential open rates.

Conduct A/B testing to analyze one version versus another if you are unsure of the best approach to take.

Offer a Gimmick or Hook

Leveraging the principle of scarcity, a gimmick or incentive can increase email opens. The daily deals industry has one of the highest subscriber retention rates because people are interested in learning about promotional opportunities.

Scarcity refers to limited access. To compel a reader to feel like he needs to open, offer an incentive with limited access. You could do a daily countdown to the endpoint for a special discount. You might say, “Only 24 hours remain to get your “Product X” for 30 percent off.”

Segment Your Content

People open emails because they anticipate the content will have meaning, relevance, and value. You have a greater ability to deliver these things when you segment your contact list rather than delivering general, broad content to everyone.

Demographics, geography, and firmographics are common criteria categories used to segment lists. You can also segment based on the types of content a person prefers, or behaviors demonstrated on your website. Tailor the message and product content to match what you know about the person.

Find the Appropriate Pace

Even though daily deal firms retain subscribers effectively, the industry has a very low open rate. This low open rate is based on the daily delivery of content. People don’t necessarily want to open emails from a firm every day.

The correct pacing for your content depends on a variety of factors, including your industry, audience, and messages. Semi-weekly, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly are common delivery schedules. Try what you think works, and reassess based on your open rates. If you find your pacing is too fast, spread your messages out more.


These are some of the best tips to help boost open rates on an email marketing campaign. Even a slight increase in your open rate contributes to more email engagement and a better response.

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