3 Ways to Enhance Summer Marketing Campaigns With Online Ads

Don’t forget the importance of your online presence when planning your summer marketing campaigns as consumers are spending an increasing amount of time on the internet each year.

Adults in the United States, on average, spend over five hours each day online, according to a study by eMarketer. Even while watching television, most people check their phones several times (you know you’re guilty of this!). Most small businesses think online ads are something only available to large companies, but, in fact, they can be inexpensive and effective. Here are three ways you can enhance your summer marketing campaigns with online ads.

1. Targeted Online Banner Ads

Ever notice those ads that appear at the top and sides of your favorite websites? Have you ever found yourself wondering how they seem to know your interests or where you live? That’s because these ads can be targeted to the perfect audience for the advertiser. Data Axle USA can help you select your ideal audience, either by our award-winning data or based on the websites your prospects would most likely visit. This has been shown to increase response from email or direct mail marketing by up to five times! The better news? You can also buy thousands of ad views at a very affordable price.

2. Paid Search Ads

Three-and-a-half billion searches happen on Google™ every day. It’s no surprise that people will first turn to Google to find your business, your office hours, and your phone number. Having a presence an online presence is critical and paid search ads are a quick and effective way to drive your listing to the top of the page. This allows you to showcase your phone number, location, hours, and summer promotions. Our team of experts can help you put together the perfect campaign for your business.

3. Remarketing Ads

It’s important to keep in mind that one visit to your website doesn’t always equal an instant buyer. In fact, according to a Nielsen/Google study, customers visit websites at least six times on average in the purchase process. This means that staying in front of them while they are in the research process is crucial. Remarketing ads are the perfect solution. How do these work? We are able to create audiences based on people that have visited your website and then show them different online banner ads or even social media ads. Ever check out that new set of golf clubs, to shortly find them appearing all over the web? This doesn’t happen by accident. This gives you a chance to increase the urgency of their purchase with special promotions such as “sign up today for 10% off.”

Our expert marketing consultants can walk you through every step of the process and pick the solutions that are best for you. Call 800.835.5856 to get started today!