This is how you can improve your email marketing.

10 Expert Tips to Make Your Email Marketing Better

Trying to keep up with all of the details that contribute to a fine-tuned email marketing strategy is a challenge. Sometimes, it is nice to get a quick and extensive snapshot of current and relevant strategies that consistently produce big payoffs.

The following is a concise look at ten great strategies, insights and tips to help you improve your email marketing success:

1. Stay Consistent and Patient

Don’t go after the sale too quickly! Robust email marketing plans include the design and layout of a series of coordinated messages that align with the buyer’s journey. You have to start slow and build momentum until a prospect’s interest gets serious.

2. Prioritize the Open

You can have the most beautiful email design and compelling content, but a person won’t get the value without opening the message. Focus on an impactful subject line and other strategies that produce a high open rate.

3. Use Numbers and Other Hooks in Your Subject Lines

One unique way to get someone to open your email is to stand out in a cluttered inbox. A number, such as 5 or 50, is distinct to a reader’s eyes as he or she scans through a series of messages that are copy-driven.

4. Talk to Individuals

Don’t brag about the size of your email list. Instead, make your efforts to personalize content and benefits to each individual subscriber brag-worthy. Readers want to feel like you get their needs and have their interests at heart.

5. Make Your Call-to-Action Standout

The goal of your email is to engage the reader to make an action in the direction of your sales funnel. In some cases, that next action is to stay subscribed for future messages. However, the goal is often to inspire clicks to content, downloads or purchases. A compelling call to action with a clear button is essential.

6. Segment Your List

Don’t send every email to every contact. Identify common traits and behaviors among contacts, and organize your list into segments of people with similar content interests. Doing so keeps people subscribed and engaged.

7. Talk to “You”

Second-person, or “you” language, is much more personal and engaging than first or third-person voices. Using this second-person voice helps readers view your content more as a conversation.

8. Make the Inbox

Marketing emails that land in the spam or junk folder provide little value. A legitimate sender address and properly constructed emails help.

9. Keep Your Content Tight

Most emails are opened on mobile devices. Therefore, you have little space and time to present your hard-hitting points. Keep your content focused on a few core messages and highlight the most valuable links and calls-to-action.

10. Test Everything

Conduct testing to optimize your subject lines, message content, links and customer segments. The more you test and refine your approach, the greater your potential return on investment from email marketing.


These are ten impactful tips to help ramp up your email marketing success! Partnering with an expert provider of quality contacts and email marketing services is wise as well; create an account with Data Axle USA today!