This is what you can do to track email wins and fails.

How to Track Email Campaign Wins and Fails

If you send out email campaigns, do you know how to identify which campaigns are generating the best possible results for you?

The following is an overview of effective strategies, tips, and insights to track email campaign results so you can ensure your messages perform optimally.

Know Your Goals

To track the right data, you need to know what you want to measure. Your campaign goals dictate the data that is most important to capture. For instance, if your primary goal is to increase your number of leads, it makes sense to track total lead growth. However, if you want to improve efficiency through better conversion rates or reduced sales cycles, data that contributes to measuring performance in these areas is more valuable.

Set specific goals that identify the particular target desired and the time frame in which you want to reach it. These specifics allow you to track progress toward achievement and adjust your strategies before it is too late in the month, quarter, or year. Specific objectives also enable you to change your targets from one period to the next as you compare actual results to your goals.

Understand Your KPIs

When building your goals, and evaluating performance, it helps to recognize key performance indicators common to sales organizations. Open rates, click rates, open-to-click, conversion rates, and unsubscribes are among those viewed as critical by most sales organizations. Again, matching up the core KPIs with your particular campaign objectives helps you source the right data and reports to assess results.

Identify the Right Tools

The tools you use to track data impact the scope and quality of what you capture. Typically, an email software or solutions provider offers access to performance data on plans you build and execute. Before selecting a provider, evaluate the types of data collected, and shared during your campaign execution.

In some cases, you may want access to more granular data than what typical email marketing programs offer. If so, look for a quality provider that provides easy to set up and use technology that enables access to the detailed analytics reports you want.

Track by Audience Segment

It is important that you track performance specific to each market segment you target in addition to your whole campaign performance. Segmented data is useful in identifying segments that are profitable versus those that aren’t. It also helps you determine which campaign and messaging strategies work well with certain prospect types.


These are some of the best strategies for setting yourself up for success in evaluating the performance of your email marketing campaigns. You won’t capture and leverage quality data without first having a plan that encompasses strategic objectives and necessary tracking tools.

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