Property management marketing

3 Tips for Marketing to Property Management Companies

Marketing to property management companies can be a lot of work. They are responsible for maintaining facilities, attracting owners or tenants, and providing services to occupants. Buying products and services to meet these requirements is among their key roles as well.

The following is an overview of effective strategies to market your products to property management companies based on their unique needs:

Build a Targeted Contact List

Before you embark on your marketing strategies, build the most targeted contact list possible for your email and direct mail marketing campaigns. It is challenging for B2B companies that target property management companies to find precise contacts because of the narrow focus. Ideally, your list includes those responsible for daily operations or management of the properties.

Data Axle USA is able to help in building a targeted list with a search by specific professional titles. Thus, you can search the database of millions of rich prospect profiles and narrow it to those in charge of property management. Accurate, thorough profiles give you additional insights into the traits, interests, and behaviors of people with the title “Property Manager.”

Identify Primary Needs of Your Audience

In B2B marketing, you achieve success by aligning yourself with the interests of the prospect in meeting its clients’ needs. Think about the key roles in property management and how your solutions could help facilitate meeting fulfillment.

Property managers must promote their own businesses to attract new owners or tenants, which includes formulating their own marketing strategies. They also maintain upkeep and clean properties, and communication with owners, residents, partners, and other key stakeholders.

In building your contact segments or buyer personas, identify the ways in which your solutions align. Take on the mindset of a strategic partner.

Prepare Your Multi-channel Messaging Strategy

Build a multi-channel messaging strategy that includes planned communication at all stages throughout the buyer’s journey. You will rarely achieve immediate buying interest from the first message that you deliver to a property manager.

A website that outlines your solutions is a good home base for your marketing. Outreach can begin with professional mailers and email campaigns that present specific messages to property management segments you’ve defined. Prepare a thorough message sequence that includes initial content, follow-up reminders, and triggered messages based on responses and behaviors by individual prospects.

A personal connection is likely necessary to seal the deal. After you guide the prospect toward your solutions, make a phone call and attempt to gain a face-to-face meeting. Live demonstrations or seminars are other personal options if you want to get in front of a small group of managers at once to allow for an interactive opportunity.


These are some of the most critical steps to developing and implementing a successful marketing campaign that targets property management companies.

Data Axle USA can help you target property managers based on their professional titles, and then build professional email and direct mail marketing campaigns! To get started, build a business list today!