How to Deliver Your Message to Their Smartphones

At Data Axle USA, we know how important it is to reach people on their smartphones or other mobile devices. That’s why we offer a variety of marketing services designed to fit the needs of your business and your targeted audience. Our marketing experts can help you create a targeted list of prospects, and also design direct mail campaigns, put together an online marketing advertisement, or create a custom email campaign.

Optimized Email Campaigns

Did you know that at Data Axle USA, our email campaigns are optimized for mobile, ensuring they can be viewed across a variety of devices? Let individuals easily view your message, access your offer or call to action, and connect to your website or social media accounts.

Downloadable Email Databases

No emails to use? No problem! Data Axle USA has a U.S. Business Email database. Business email addresses are downloadable, and you can customize your list by choosing from dozens of search selections including type of business, credit rating, and even geography.

Or, if it’s consumers you’re after, Data Axle USA can still help you. Our experts have access to consumer email addresses. We can send emails to consumers for you using our unique email programs. Let us help you find your target audience and choose an email template. From there, you’ll place your order and we’ll send an email to consumers on your behalf.

Search Engine Marketing

An additional way to reach users by smartphone is to have our marketing experts implement a paid search campaign accompanied by a retargeting campaign. A retargeting campaign is an advertisement used to get a message back in front of people who have clicked out of your website, landing page, or ad without taking action. You may also benefit from a remarketing campaign to re-engage your audience using an email campaign. Easily clicked upon and viewed from any device, including smartphones, these types of digital campaigns are the perfect way to find users who might be in the market for your exact products or services.

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