Save your emails from the trash by doing this.

How to Avoid Boring Emails That Land in the Trash Can

There is a tendency in email marketing to feel like you have to integrate some type of promotional deal or discount in every message to maintain contact interest, but sometimes that makes a boring email. While people do like incentives, they can become desensitized and even annoyed if promotional pitches dominate your email marketing campaigns.

The following is an overview of some effective strategies and tips to help you integrate some non-promotional content into your campaigns to diversity and to maintain user interest:

Educate and Inform

Satisfied customers have interest in more than product incentives when they subscribe to your email list. They also want access to any information and resources that contribute to an optimized long-term experience with your solution.

A periodic email newsletter or communication that educates or informs is valuable. For instance, a heating and cooling business can offer tips year-round on topics such as home insulation, weatherizing, safety, and cost savings. Providing such valued information builds trust, gives people reasons to keep opening emails and ensures you maintain contact when the time comes to make that important promotional pitch.

Research and Gain Feedback

Customers feel a sense of importance and ownership in your business when you ask them for input. As you look to develop new and improved solutions, send emails asking your satisfied customers for in-depth insights on their experiences. Get ideas on enhancements for a new product iteration, or things to avoid as you build and make the new solution available.

You can also gain immediate feedback after you take a new solution to market. Send a campaign that invites customers of the new solution to share their initial reactions. Capturing this type of immediate feedback contributes to better approaches with product launches in the future.

Send Invites

Sometimes, the goal of email marketing is to drive people toward other settings or channels of communication. If you have a new feature or resource on your website, send a campaign introducing readers to this new feature and explaining its role in their overall experience with your business.

If you hold events, email is a great platform for sending invitations to the event. It is often necessary to build a multiple-message campaign to ensure you capture attention and interest from a significant number of subscribers. You could begin with a “Save the Date” type of message to generate awareness. Follow up messages could offer more detail on the event and a call-to-action for registration.

Deliver Fun

People like to have fun, and if there is a way to provide some through your email marketing in a way that matches your brand personality, that is great. You could offer some type of game, quiz or humorous tip list, for instance. Ideally, you can incorporate a CTA that guides people toward your site for the fun experience.


These are some effective strategies and tips to help you create more well-rounded email marketing campaigns that don’t get overly pitchy.

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