Your Perfect Guide to Email List Data Enhancement

Personalization is a powerful force in email marketing today, but this approach is only possible if your email list has the right data in the right fields.

The following is an exploration of the reasons that data enhancement helps boost your email campaign response rates and revenue.

What is Data Enhancement?

In general, data enhancement means getting the most out your existing data and widening your data set. It involves maximizing internal data and adding external data that contributes the most value to your email lists.

Maximizing Existing Data

To get the most of out of your existing data, you must keep a clean database. Bad data is the enemy of efficient email marketing. Eliminating duplicate leads is one of the most important cleansing activities. Duplicate data clogs databases and wastes lead generating activities.

A database cleansing also helps you get rid of:

  • Inaccurate record details
  • Incorrect email addresses
  • Wrong phone numbers
  • Improper formatting

On the plus side, a clean database improves communication efficiency and mitigates the potential for missing out on high-potential opportunities.

External Data Benefits

Often, the greatest benefits from data enhancement come from external additions. The amount of data you can stockpile internally is limited. Acquiring the right types of external inputs that complement your existing database enables you to strengthen your email campaigns.

Other key benefits of enhancement through external data include:

  • Greater understanding of target markets
  • More precise targeting with email lists
  • Create and on-point message content

Types of External Data

When acquiring external data, it is important to get the types of input that match your needs and objectives. The segmentation strategies you use impact which items benefit you the most. Without a plan, you simply fill up your database with more unnecessary details.

Consider geo-demographic data types. Companies are often satisfied with knowing the cities or zip codes of targeted prospects. However, think about the added value of acquiring such locational data as the distance a prospect drives to the nearest store or town. The status of property ownership or rental and equity value in a home are also valuable to some marketers.

Precise behavioral data, such as how a prospect navigates the Web and makes purchases is useful to many marketers. The more detail you can get on prospect demographics or contacts should enhance the effectiveness of your targeted email campaigns.

Building Targeted Email Campaigns

With a clean database loaded with thorough data, it is easier to build efficient and targeted email campaigns. You can segment your marketplace more accurately and deliver messages to email lists that matter.

People ignore messages that don’t apply and eventually unsubscribe or block emails. With data enhancement, you present creative and on-point messages that drive more responses and purchases.


A loaded database isn’t as valuable as a clean and thorough one. Data enhancement takes your email lists and campaigns to a much higher level of efficiency and profitability.

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