Multi-Channel Marketing

A Match Made in Heaven

It’s wedding season. It’s hard to resist getting caught up in the excitement of white lace and colorful bouquets, which is perhaps why the experts at Data Axle USA decided to join in! The marriage of email and direct mail campaigns isn’t a new concept. Despite this, it is a regularly overlooked marketing practice. Multi-channel marketing, if executed correctly, has been proven an extremely effective method for marketing success. Below we’ve gathered a few tips for combining email and direct mail which, if followed, can help give your marketing its happily ever after.

The Marriage

In marriage, we see two different but wonderful people team up to take on the world. Direct mail and email are similar because though they are, separately, excellent (marketing tools); together they’re even better. Instead of treating your direct mail and email campaigns like separate entities, integrate them and develop overall strategies, tactics, and even creative. Doing so can ultimately help you cut down on your costs while boosting your response.

The Dinner

Will you take the chicken or the fish? The salad or the green beans? White wine or red wine? All of these decisions take some thought when you attend a wedding. Likewise, you have some things to consider before you launch your multi-channel email and direct mail campaign. For instance, do you want to send your marketing efforts to every recipient on your list? Are you going to perform an A/B test with any of your channels? How many follow-ups will you send to those who don’t RSVP (or buy)? These are all questions that deserve fair consideration.

The Reception

After two people say “I do” and everyone has had a chance to eat, it’s time to have a little fun at the after party. Similarly, one you’ve integrated your email and direct mail campaigns, and made some decisions for your launch, it’s time to party it up with your campaign idea. Begin with high-quality data, which will help improve deliverability and results. Include similar headlines, a similar message, and top it off with an offer your customers won’t want to miss.

The Honeymoon

After the wedding fun, it’s time to head off into the sunset for a little fun with your new partner. There’s not necessarily a beach waiting for you once you send off your multi-channel marketing campaign, but there is quite a bit of happiness to be had once your results start pouring in. Don’t forget to analyze your results, keeping track of the things that worked and those that didn’t so that you can make your next campaign even better.

A wedding is an excellent way to celebrate the marriage of two people. We hope you find that a multi-channel marketing campaign of direct mail and email gives your business a reason to celebrate, too.