How to Boost Your Direct Mail Response Rates

In order to generate the best response with your next direct mail campaign take a thoughtful approach, carefully considering your message, the frequency of your mailing, and even the data you use. Here’s how you can ensure your messaging hits home with your customers and prospects.

1. Get Personal

Direct mail marketing is one of the best ways to give potential customers a personal connection to your product or service. Everything from the design of your envelope, postcard, or brochure to the message you use to the colors you choose can draw your customers in. Additionally, quality data about your audience enables you to customize your message to appeal directly to your specific audience based on their past behaviors, preferences, needs and wants. Customization shows not only interest, but also care – two things your customers and prospects will respond to.

2. Be Compelling

Today, we tune out the noise. We turn down radios and fast forward through television ads. However, a direct mail piece can linger on kitchen counters and catch-all’s for days, weeks, and even months. Direct mail gives you the opportunity to let your compelling message live on.

3. Try Different Channels

Do you send out emails to your customer list? With multi-channel marketing, you can add marketing services such as a direct mail piece and an online display campaign to your email campaign to help boost your ROI. When we add more channels to customer campaigns, we’re able to connect with them more efficiently.

4. Include a Strong Call to Action

People respond to strong leadership. Why not lead potential customers toward the action you want them to take? When you include a strong call to action at the end of your direct mail piece such as a phone number to call or a sale to take advantage of, you’re bound to generate a strong response from potential customers.

At Data Axle USA, we offer everything you need to get your direct mail piece up and running. From lists to design and print services, we’ll help you reach your desired audience. Contact us to learn more about how Data Axle USA can help you with your direct mail needs.