5 Simple Ways to Grow Your Email List

The customer data you collect is an ever-changing life form. An email list is no exception. You’ll want to backfill any openings with two more prospects. The idea is to always grow your email database with interested, relevant leads.

Growing your email list isn’t a daunting task, however. Here are five simple steps to ensure you’re always moving forward:

Make sure the opt-in is prominent on your website

If someone is visiting your website, there’s a good chance they’re interested in what you offer. One of the easiest things to do is make sure you have an easy-to-see call to action. You don’t necessarily want it to be the focus of your site, but it should be clearly visible and available on the home page.

Get to know your customers

People will be more likely to forward your emails (the electronic equivalent of word-of-mouth referrals) if they feel they are receiving personalized messages. Finding out more about your audience allows you to create highly relevant, personal content for it. Data Axle USA can enhance the data you currently have and provide the details you need to build a clear, complete picture of your customers.

Add social sharing buttons

Make it easy for your recipients to broadcast your message. Adding these buttons to the bottom of your email lets your recipients share the email with one click. If more people see your emails, more will join your list. Additionally, post the content from your emails on your company’s social media so your followers can share, retweet and repost.

Run a contest

From a guessing game to a giveaway, nothing piques interest like old-fashioned competition. You’ll draw new readers you never knew you could reach with a friendly contest. And if you have a prize to sweeten the deal, you’ll rake in the leads.

Publish a newsletter or blog

Think about what makes your business different. Are you a thought leader in your field? Do you handle special or exotic situations? Is your office run by a cast of characters? Any of these things are fodder for a riveting newsletter or blog. If you’re publishing content people love to read, they will sign up for your email list and forward it to their friends, who will then be likely to join as well.

Whatever your email needs, Data Axle USA can help you create, deploy and manage an effective email marketing campaign. And, if you need to start at the very beginning, Data Axle USA can help you create a customized email list that puts your message in the right inboxes at the right time.