5 Benefits of Paid Search Engine Marketing

5 Benefits of Paid Search Engine Marketing You Need to Know

Search engine marketing includes free (or organic) optimization along with paid ad placements. A lot of small-to-medium sized companies spend plenty of time focusing on organic optimization, but don’t give as much attention to the importance of paid search.

The following are several important benefits of paid search that demonstrate its value in your search engine marketing program.

1) Compete Early and Often

It typically takes at least four to six months for a new business or website to achieve any significant organic search placement results. This timeline won’t work for a startup that wants to make inroads against the competition from the start.

With paid search, you have the ability to achieve first-page ad spots from day one of your campaign. You get your message in front of people searching for information related to your solutions, and can drive traffic right away.

2) Control Advertising Expenses

Relative to other traditional and digital advertising methods, paid search offers a very controllable budget. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Therefore, you can generate brand impressions that have a cumulative effect without paying a penny.

More importantly, you control how much you are willing to spend per click on particular search terms, as well as how much to invest per day, per week or per month on your campaign.

3) Acquire Steady Traffic

By adapting your budget and search terms, you can essentially guarantee a steady flow of traffic to your site for the length of a paid search campaign. Consistent traffic improves economies of schedule and other important operational activities.

4) Enact More Precise Targeting

You can test, evaluate and fine-tune your paid search strategy over time by tweaking keywords and targeted users. With organic search, anyone searching for a particular phrase could click to your site. With paid search, your conversion rates should improve as you pinpoint the right types of searchers to reach with your ad placements.

One of the ways that you can hone in on particular audiences is through geo-demographic targeting. Focus on traffic from specific geographic markets and buyer personas as you promote each product or service.

5) Gain Expert Support

Small businesses often can’t afford a relationship with a full-service marketing agency. However, expert support for campaign development and delivery is very affordable with search engine marketing.

As a Google Premier Partner, Data Axle USA is able to help you generate quality leads with account setup, campaign development and management, customer support, detailed reporting, and simple billing and payment. We use our expertise to help you reach your paid search objectives in an optimized, affordable way.


Paid search marketing isn’t just a nice complement to organic SEO strategies, it is a virtual necessity for a company that wants to compete early and often with established industry players. Relative to other media, you have significant control over budgets and targeting with paid search. Generate a steady, more predictable flow of search traffic.

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