How to Register for a SAN Number

Download a free step-by-step guide to obtaining a Subscription Account Number or follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to
  2. Click Register New User.
  3. Scroll down and fill out Organization Information. Under “Organization Function” most companies should select “Seller”. If your organization is a non-profit group or provides telemarketing for others, a different “Organization Function” may apply. For details visit:
  4. Click Submit. You will receive an email with your Organization ID Number and Password. Save this information.
  5. Click on the link in the email to confirm your e-mail address is correct.
  6. Click on “Manage/Renew Subscriptions”.
  7. Type in your Organization ID and Password in the appropriate fields, check “Representative”, and click Login. Note – make sure dashes are included in the Organization ID and upper and lower case is used as it is in the Password.
  8. Click on the Back button located at the bottom.
  9. Click “Order Area Codes For Your Current Subscription”.
  10. In the Subscribe to Area Codes field click “Area Codes by Area Code Number”.
  11. Click “Sort by Area Code” and select the appropriate Area Codes.
  12. Once Area Codes are selected, click Continue.
  13. Verify the selected Area Codes, then click Continue.
  14. Click “View Area Code”. Here you will be able to view your SAN Number and Expiration Date. Print and Save this information – Registration Complete. Note: it may take an hour or so for your new SAN number to be activated.