Is it Legal to Buy Email Lists for Email Marketing?

Buying email lists can be risky for several reasons. For one, people don’t like unsolicited email, and if you gain a reputation for sending out spam, you can seriously damage your brand’s reputation. In many cases, the people on purchased email lists haven’t a clue who you are, what you do, or how you obtained their email address, which makes it difficult to make a positive first impression.

Email marketing can be tremendously effective if done with care and forethought.

Another problem is that you may not know where those email contacts came from. Did people actually opt in to those lists, or were they created by automated web scrapers gathering massive numbers of email addresses with little concern about their accuracy? Plenty of sellers of emailing lists say their data is accurate and results in high deliverability, but that is rarely the case. Furthermore, low-quality purchased email lists can cause serious data integrity problems with your CRM system, making it nearly impossible to tease apart genuine contacts from non-legitimate ones. The good news is that these risks can be overcome.

A Better Class of Providers Exists

Reputable sellers of email lists do exist, though you will probably have to conduct some research to find them. These providers do not send you huge lists of email addresses scraped at random, but can demonstrate that the addresses are from people who have opted in and consented to receiving information from third parties. If your provider is experienced in capturing email addresses for personas that match nicely with your products, you have a much higher probability of success with your email marketing campaign. If you choose your vendor carefully, purchasing email lists can be a sound business practice that lets you better target your marketing campaigns.

Benefits of a Reputable Email List Provider

Email list providers that are worth your attention do things that set them apart from run-of-the-mill providers. For example, they may offer to provide you with a follow-up list containing only contact information from people on the original list who opened and clicked through your initial email. They should deliver prompt information about your email campaign open and response rates so you can adapt quickly, doubling down on successes and abandoning futile pursuits. They may offer pre-designed templates to give your email campaign a polished, customized appearance, yet will send emails in a format that allows people with text-only email to open your messages. Some are even highly selective about verifying the quality of email campaigns before sending messages to recipients.

How the Right Provider Drives Business Value

The best providers of email lists value quality over quantity.

A reputable email list vendor is all about quality over quantity. Could you go elsewhere and pay less for a bigger list? Probably, but the quality of those contacts would be suspect, and chances are, you would end up contacting people who are totally irrelevant to the products and services you offer. With a reputable email list provider, you’re far more likely to create email campaigns that reach the right people with the right information. What’s more, the people you reach are more likely to produce conversions than the people on a random, huge list scraped from all corners of the internet. The ultimate result is marketing campaigns that are better-targeted and have higher rates of success.

Specialty Email Lists Can Help You Target Email Campaigns Accurately

Find a trustworthy email list provider that also offers specialty lists, and you can pinpoint your marketing campaigns with even greater precision. If you’re a B2B business you could, for example, request an email list representing the finance industry, education, or another industry to which you sell frequently. The B2C business can request lists of people based on physical geography, household income, or interests. You could, say, target health and fitness enthusiasts in a particular geographic region if you wanted to. This level of precision helps you devote your marketing campaign funds toward the most receptive audience, for better return on your marketing investment.

You can overcome the risks associated with buying email lists by working with a reputable email compiler that goes the extra mile to ensure data quality. Data Axle USA is CAN-SPAM compliant, verifies data by telephone, and offers terrific extras in addition to email addresses, such as phone numbers, postal addresses, and demographic information that can help you segment and customize your marketing campaigns for maximum effectiveness. If you would like to know more, please contact us at any time. We would be delighted to talk with you.