Here’s How to Effectively Market To Insurance Companies

You need insurance leads. In fact, you know how important it is to connect with high-quality, targeted insurance company prospects in order to grow your business. If you’re in need of an insurance industry mailing list so you can start marketing to insurance companies, trust Data Axle™ USA. We offer everything you need to find top-notch insurance company leads.

Marketing to insurance companies begins with three simple steps to help you get to the right contacts:


Where are they located?

  • Top Metros
  • State
  • County
  • Radius Around an Address
  • Area Code
  • ZIP Code
  • Carrier Route
  • Neighborhood

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Types of Insurance Companies

Is there a specific type of insurance company you’re looking for?

  • Number of Employees
  • Sales Volume
  • Related Industries
  • Square Footage
  • Business Expenses
  • Credit Rating
  • Postal Selects
  • Years in business
  • Franchises

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Decision Makers

Who is the best contact person to talk to about your product or services?

  • Human Resources
  • Administrator
  • Marketing Executive
  • Owner
  • Office Manager
  • IT
  • Finance
  • Business Development
  • Regional Manager
Ready to build a custom business list?

We’re standing by! A Data Axle USA representative will help you create the exact contact list you want, give you the list count, determine the contact fields you need, and provide you with a no-obligation quote.

Insurance Company Quick Facts

There are millions of insurance company leads in our database. If you’re wondering how to sell to insurance companies, keep these statistics in mind:

  • In 2019, there were 76,860 claims made in the U.S. for homeowners insurance claims paid due to lightning losses according to Finance Online.
  • According to LIMRA, 41 million Americans or 16% of U.S. consumers said that they need life insurance but do not own a life insurance policy.
  • According to Zippia, The U.S. Insurance industry contributes 3.1% of the country’s total Gross Domestic Product.
    • The average claim settlement for cyber insurance was $4.88 million in 2019 according to Willis Towers Watson.
    • After experiencing a slight dip in 2019 (down to $5.03 trillion), worldwide gross insurance premiums increased by 3.98% to $5.23 trillion according to Zippia.
    • In 2019, property and casualty insurance premiums written in the U.S. amounted to $637.7 billion according to Finance Online.
    • 41% of U.S. consumers said that they prefer buying life insurance policies online according to LIMRA.
    • According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, on average, annual deductibles for employer-sponsored healthcare insurance in the U.S. amounted to $1,644.
    • Three out of five or 61% of car insurance customers compared prices at their last renewal according to Insurance Information Institute.

How to Market Your Business to Insurance Companies

If you’re wondering how to how to sell to insurance companies, it begins with defining your audience. Then you want to think about the best ways to reach them. Think about common mediums they might use to read or hear your message. Click on the links to learn more about the most popular marketing channels to deliver your message:

Direct Mail

Start marketing to insurance companies with a letter, postcard, brochure, or other mail piece.

Email Marketing

Send a creative message and begin better marketing to insurance companies. Let us design, deploy, and track your email.

Online Display Advertising

Place ads on websites your insurance company contacts or related industries frequently visit.

Search Engine Marketing

Increase your visibility to insurance company prospects on search engine results pages like Google™, Yahoo!®, and Bing™.


Streamline your cold calling process to insurance companies with our telemarketing lists.

Social Media Advertising

Reach millions of insurance companies with an advertisement on Facebook™ or LinkedIn®.

DIY Prospecting

Want to find insurance companies on your own? We can equip you with innovative tools to find, acquire, and retain customers.

How to Sell to Insurance Companies

Insurance companies want to increase the size of their portfolios. They’ll be most receptive to marketing messages that focus on how you can help them do this.

Managed services

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