How to Market to Doctors and Physicians

Here’s How to Effectively Market to Doctors

Every doctor’s office wants to attract and retain patients, build a strong reputation, and remain competitive in the healthcare industry. In order to help them do this, you want to provide their offices helpful products or services like office supplies, up-to-date software, or equipment. No matter what you’re selling, marketing to doctors is easiest when you demonstrate how you can help them work more efficiently and help more patients. Start marketing to doctors and physicians now and see how quickly your business can grow.

Marketing to doctors and physicians begins with three simple steps to help you get to the right contacts:


Where are they located?

  • Top Metros
  • State
  • County
  • Radius Around an Address
  • Area Code
  • ZIP Code
  • Carrier Route
  • Neighborhood
Marketing to Doctors and Physicians by Type

Is there a specific type of doctor or physician you’re looking for?

  • Number of Employees
  • Square footage
  • Women-owned businesses
  • Business expense (office supplies)
  • Public vs. private
  • Years in business
  • Credit rating
  • Business expense (payroll)
Decision Makers

Who is the best contact person to talk to about your product or services?

  • Chairman
  • Administrator
  • IT
  • Director
  • Office Manager
  • Facilities
  • Legal
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Board Member
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Doctor and Physician Industry Quick Facts

There are thousands of doctor’s offices and physician’s offices in our database. Start marketing to doctors bearing these statistics in mind:

  • California has the most physicians, followed by Texas according to PatientPop.
  • According to the AMA, over half of all physicians still work in small practices of 10 or fewer physicians.
  • 32% of doctors spend 20 or more hours every week on paperwork according to PatientPop.
  • Physicians that are age 55 and older were much more likely to work in small practices than physicians that were under 40 years old according to the AMA.
  • 26% of physicians are self-employed according to PatientPop.
  • According to a survey by Graham Center, Family Medicine accounts for almost 40% of the total primary care physician workforce.
  • 56% of doctors spend 35-40 hours every week seeing patients according to PatientPop.
  • Rapid growth among Nurse Practitioners and Physician’s Assistants has helped to fill some gaps in primary care according to a Graham Center study.
  • According to PatientPop, the top challenge of being a doctor today is having too many rules and regulations.

How to Market Your Business to Doctor and Physician Offices

If you’re wondering how to market to doctors and physicians, it begins with defining your audience. Then you want to think about the best ways to reach them. Think about common mediums they might use to read or hear your message. Click on the links to learn more about the most popular marketing channels to deliver your message:

Direct Mail

Start marketing to doctors with a letter, postcard, brochure, or other mail piece.

Email Marketing

Send a creative message and begin better targeting toward doctors and physicians. Let us design, deploy, and track your email.

Online Display Advertising

Place ads on websites your doctor or physician contacts or related industries frequently visit.

Search Engine Marketing

Increase your visibility to doctor offices on search engine results pages like Google™, Yahoo!®, and Bing™.


Streamline your cold calling process to doctors with our telemarketing lists.

Social Media Advertising

Reach millions of doctors’ and physicians’ office employees with an advertisement on Facebook™ or LinkedIn®.

DIY Prospecting

Want to find doctors and physicians’ offices on your own? We can equip you with innovative tools to find, acquire, and retain customers.

How to Sell to Dentists

Doctors and physicians look for ways to take great care of their patients. They’ll be most receptive to marketing messages that focus on how you can help them with this.

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Our Doctor and Physician Lists Are Best for:
  • Office supply companies
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • SaaS
  • Employee insurance providers
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Repair services
Most Popular Segment Selections Include:
  • Location
  • Job Title
  • Geography (ZIP Code, city, county, state, and more)
  • Square footage
  • Number of Employees
  • Years in Business