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Whether you need to reach growers or agricultural operators in the U.S. you know that there are a lot of potential customers for your business. But how do you find them? Data Axle™ USA’s farm lists can connect you with the farmers or ranchers you need to reach to create a successful campaign. This can result in lead generation and increased sales that will allow you to increase your sales and grow your business. 

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Farm lists

Create the Ideal Farm Mailing List

You need a farm list that will connect you to your target market. Whether that includes growers, livestock production, landscaping, forestry services, or another agricultural sector, you can do a targeted search of our master farm list to create the perfect list of farms for your business. We make it easy to build a targeted list of farms or ranches for your next marketing or sales program. Choose from a wide variety of search selections, including:

  • Crops
  • Number of acres
  • Herd/livestock
  • Irrigation
  • Corporation v. family-owned farm/ranch
  • And more
  • City
  • State
  • County
  • ZIP Code
  • Custom map area
  • And more

Data Axle USA is On Your Side

Choose Your Channel

Connect with the contacts on your farm list via the channel that suits you best. Whether you want to reach out via phone, email, or direct mail, we have the data you need to make it happen.

Easily Target the Right Audience

No matter what type of farm or ranch you are looking to target, we will provide you with the data points you need to reach not only the right agricultural organization, but the right person.

Integrate Data Across Campaigns

Use the data from your farm lists across multiple digital and direct mail campaigns, as well as during follow-up, to attain consistency and reliability for your customers.

Make the Most of Your Resources

Our farm lists make is easy for you to find the contacts you need so you can focus your resources and employees’ time on high-value tasks, such as advertising and customer relations.

How We Compile Your Farm Lists

At Data Axle USA, we pride ourselves on providing you with the most accurate and up-to-date information available. We gather data for our business and consumer lists from a variety of sources including:

  • Real estate and tax assessments
  • Voter registration files
  • Utility connections
  • Bill processors
  • Behavioral data
  • And other hard-to-find sources

Create Successful Marketing Campaigns with Your Farm List

You already have a farm list that you’re ready to market to. However, you’re unsure as to how you can successfully market to these prospects. By creating a cohesive and well-thought-out marketing campaign with help from Data Axle USA, businesses like yours can successfully reach their farm list, communicating your brand’s message loud and clear. When done correctly, a marketing campaign can be extremely successful in helping you grow your business. Don’t miss these services offered by Data Axle USA, designed to help you take your marketing campaign to the next level.

Direct Mail Marketing

Send a postcard, brochure, letter, or catalog to your farm list to tell them about your products or services, an upcoming sale, or to send them a special discount code.

Email Marketing

This low-cost opportunity to reach your farm list is the perfect way to share news or information about your business while building trust and spreading brand awareness.

Contact Lists

Add even more connections to your farm list, then reach out to potential customers and promote your products or services.

Phone Lists

Round out your current list of farm prospects with additional contacts. A simple phone call or email can go a long way towards building a relationship with farmers.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Keywords are the foundation of a solid PPC campaign, so choosing ones that are relevant to your business and have a good chance of reaching your farm list.

Social Media Advertising

An attention-grabbing social media ad might be the perfect way to reach your farm list. Plus, it’s easy to adjust your strategy with social and ensure you get the ad performance you want.

The Data Axle USA Experience

Satisfaction Guarantee
Guaranteed Quality

You can’t run a successful campaign if the quality of your farm lists is low. That’s why we go to great lengths to ensure our data is over than 96% accurate. We also offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Full Control Over Your Data

Once you place your order and make your payment, your farm list will be available for download. Use the information on your list to connect, grow sales, and build new relationships.

Customer service
Free Support

At Data Axle USA, our relationship with you doesn’t stop once you download your farm list. Your trusted marketing partner is available on an ongoing basis to answers your questions, show you how to use your list, and help you reach your sales and marketing goals.

Turnkey Solutions

When your sales and marketing needs are more robust than merely purchasing a list of farms, Data Axle USA can help. Choose from creative service offerings like direct mail campaigns, email marketing campaigns, search engine marketing, pay per click advertising, online display ads, and more.

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You can use our website to run counts without setting up an account, but you must register to get a quote and make a purchase.

Depending on the file size, processing times can range from a few minutes to a few hours. Timeframes will vary for larger orders requiring the assistance of a marketing expert.

Yes. Data Axle USA offers award winning creative services, including design.

You may purchase a follow-up list that contains contact information for each individual who opened and clicked through your email.

Yes. A report detailing your open and response rates will be available 24 hours after campaign deployment.

Click here to add or update your business listing. To protect consumers’ privacy, we are not able add information to our consumer database on request. Consumer records are updated upon receipt of local telephone directories.

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