Data Axle Consumer Choice and Resource Center

Data Axle believes that consumers should have the ability to control their privacy and to manage the types of marketing they receive. For that reason, we provide this page as a resource for consumers to manage not only marketing offers and information through Data Axle, but also to learn about other “opt out” tools as well.

1. Your Data Axle Marketing Choices: Opting Out of the Data Axle Consumer Database
Through the methods we’ve listed below, you may contact Data Axle directly and ask not to receive marketing communications that are generated from Data Axle’s proprietary consumer data lists by opting-out in this way, you are opting-out of Data Axle’s consumer marketing database only, not databases belonging to other companies that we may do business with (for instance, when we help other companies market or share their own data). For instance, if we provide analytics, or data verification or “hygiene” services to a company that wishes to learn more about its own proprietary database, opting out would not affect those services or the customer’s database. However, in the below Section titled “More Consumer Choice Resources,” we do provide information about broader opt-out tools and methods, and we encourage you to review that Section.

When you opt-out with Data Axle, we “suppress” (and thus must retain) your personal information, by designating it in our databases as (for instance) “do not share” data.

2. How to Opt Out of Data Axle’s Database and The Information We Will Need
You can opt out of our consumer marketing database (described above), through any of the following methods – phone, mail, fax or email.

For any of these methods, please provide us with your name (and any previous or other names you may have had) and current and previous address information, e.g., your home addresses over the past five (5) years. Because consumers’ names and addresses sometimes appear in various and different ways in different databases (for instance, “John Doe | 1101 Main Boulevard” might appear as “Jed E. Doe, Jr. | 110-1 Maine Blvd”), we cannot guarantee that every opt-out attempt will be 100 percent successful, but we make every effort to “normalize” our data to improve accuracy, including for opt-out requests. Once you request an opt out (through any of the below methods), it generally takes 30 to 60 days to process the opt out through all of our databases.

  • By Phone
    You may opt out by phone: Our toll free number is 800-794-1404.
    We attempt to make call backs to voice messages, generally within 72 hours (Monday-Friday).
  • By Mail
    You may opt out by mail.Our mailing address is:

Data Axle
Attn: Content Feedback
1020 E 1st St
Papillion, NE 68046

  • By Fax
    You may opt out by fax: (402) 836-3993
  • By Email
    You may opt out by email, to: [email protected]
    Requests are typically handled within 72 hours. However, consumer source questions and requests involving more than a simple suppression can take longer.


3. B2B Directories
For information on our B2B directory and related services and how to de-list your company from them, please go here.

4. Online Ad Choices
At times, we work with online platforms to help clients direct more tailored advertising to their customers and potential customers. You can learn more about this in our Privacy Policy. To learn more about targeted display media or to opt out of many companies that facilitate it (such as through online cookies and mobile identifiers), please visit the Digital Advertising Alliance’s website, at

5. More Consumer Choice Resources
As a service to consumers who want to control how their information is used for marketing, we recommend the following resources, as well:

  • DMAChoice. Consumers can manage much of the direct mail marketing they receive by registering with the Direct Marketing Association’s (DMA) mail preference service, called “DMAChoice” and located at The DMA is the primary self-regulatory and trade organization for marketers in the United States. By registering for DMAChoice, you can select which marketers and types of marketing you would like to opt out of (for instance, credit offers, catalogs, etc.). Many (but of course not all) marketers in turn work with this DMA service, so registering will eliminate much unwanted mail marketing. We recommend that you visit that website for further details. Data Axle is a member of the DMA and we utilize the mail preference service.
  • For Canadian Consumers. To manage your direct marketing choices in Canada, you can register through the Canadian Marketing Association’s do not contact service at: (Also see the Canadian “Do Not Call” resources, immediately below.)
  • Do Not Call Registry. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission maintains a national Do Not Call Registry. Through this convenient, online-accessible Registry, you can register your personal telephone number(s) so that you do not receive telemarketing calls from for-profit companies. (Non-profit and political organizations are exempted by law.) Under the “Do Not Call” Law (the Telemarketing and Consumer Fraud Abuse Prevention Act), marketers must avoid calling numbers on this Do Not Call List. You can learn more or register your personal phone number at Canadian residents can register for the national do not call list at
  • Email Unsubscribe Options. If you receive unwanted email, you can usually unsubscribe from the sender by clicking an “unsubscribe” or “opt out” link, usually at the bottom of the email.
  • Display Media. As discussed above, you may also opt out of many of the companies that help to send, or to tailor and customize, interest-based online display media that you may see on websites or in mobile applications. To learn more about targeted display media or to opt out of many companies that facilitate it (such as through online cookies and mobile identifiers), please visit the Digital Advertising Alliance’s website, at


If you are a Business Owner or Individual proprietor (“Business Owner”) wishing to remove your records from the Data Axle business database, please follow the below procedure:

  • Please call Content Feedback at 800/794-1404 to learn about your various Business Owner “opt out” options. We ask that you do this because there are potential negative business impacts to removal from, e.g., directory services, and we need to responsibly ensure that the authorized Business Owner in question is making this decision. When you call us, we will also describe the various “suppression” alternatives that can be customized to your particular concerns (for instance, suppression of address, telephone, and other lists).
  • If you then decide to remove (or alter) your records, we will advise you how to provide us with an authorization to do that. This is usually an easy step, and we require it to ensure that a (signed) authorization comes from the affected Business Owner (on business letterhead or via a registered email address) and includes the appropriate information.

Contact information for Data Axle’s Content Feedback Department is:


Data Axle
Attn: Content Feedback
1020 E 1st St
Papillion, NE 68046

Email: [email protected]

Toll free number: 800-794-1404.